Tap into the self-love revolution.


Over the past century, social customs have transformed considerably, and continue to do so every day of our lives.
Today many of us can see how social customs are influenced by corporate profit motivation. Things like fitness & body standards, gender roles & sexism,  bullying & self-confidence touch and affect us all.  

The good news is that having made the realization that social customs are made up, we have the ability to debate them, and the power to make choices to follow them or transform them.

Chris explores how to transform social customs through photography and the written word.


Shoot with Chris


Diversity is the cornerstone of body image empowerment, and Chris strives for diversity in areas that don't often have it.

Each human body is a construct of nature and thus has inherent beauty, just as it is. Reaching out for self-love, people are taught by advertisements that it can be found inside a box that you can buy, but it actually doesn't need to be.  

Chris believes that self-love flows directly from being the best version of oneself that is sustainable and healthy.  


An overly-simple solution for an over-complicated world.


Everywhere you look, you can find disempowerment; as children we learn to disempower each other in ritualistic schoolyard taunting while adults look to the corporate world for life solutions in a pill or in a box. 

But where is empowerment to be found?

Chris believes that learning or experiencing the triumphs of others around a shared concern can lead to empowerment, so delve into a few articles by Chris and a few true health gurus here on the As|UR blog. 


Find articles in these categories:

Body Image


We have so many unique features that its hard to think of a way to love every one of them - or is it? We delve into body image issues from skin tone to body hair and share how people come to love themselves.

Frame of Mind

IgNORE the devil on your shoulder

Sometimes people get stuck. Sometimes people feel trapped. Sometimes people just give up. We discuss how to get back on your proverbial feet, how to detox your mind and push for higher heights than you ever thought possible.


Healthy Body

self-love starts at home

More than just how you feel about yourself in your mind, how your body feels about itself - your physical health and well-being is vitally important to self-acceptance.  We discuss how anyone can make improvements in your physical health and well-being, including nutrition.  

Building Consensus

The world is a lie, until it isn't

Everywhere in the world people are starting to speak out for self-acceptance. Each time that happens, the lie that you believed which robbed you of self-confidence in a particular area, begins to break apart. We explore and share movements and statements on self-love made the world over.